D.N.A., Charge!

The Datalink Digivice is an item that allows players to see the Stats and Digivolve/Degenerate Digimon, as well as giving access to the Digimon Interface. It can also be used to check the stats of wild Digimon. It comes in a variety of colors.

Name Ingredients Input>>Output Description
Datalink Digivice

Dye Colour + Case x2 + Red Digizoid x3 + Circuit Board + Computer Chip + LCD Screen

Used to access information about  Digimon.

The Datalink Digivice can be made any desired color by replacing the Dye Color during crafting, however, after the Datalink Digivice has been made, its color cannot be changed.

  • In previous versions of Digimobs, the Datalink Digivice was used to check a Digimon's Stats. However, with the inclusion of the V-Pet, the Datalink is now used to Digivolve Digimon.

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